Injury Minimisation Programme for Schoolage Children


At the East Meets West: Bridge the Gap for Children, school children from Hull, UK, presented some of their work from being involved in the Injury Minimisation Programme for Schools (IMPS). The HERD Foundation is working with the UK IMPS programme to set up a similar project in India.

The overall objectives of I.M.P.S. are to provide children with the knowledge and skills that will influence their attitude and behaviour in relation to injury minimization. In the short-term, the aim is to provide children with the skills to enable them to act promptly to save life, prevent disability and to help others appropriately. The long-term aim is to reduce the number of incidents of injury. The concept of I.M.P.S. is one of linking the know-how for accident prevention to the core curriculum, and then giving it credibility by experiential learning within a healthcare environment.

I.M.P.S. is designed as a three-stage programme:

i) The core element of the programme delivered to schools, supported through teaching of resuscitation theory within science lessons by the pupils’ own teachers.
ii) The second stage of the I.M.P.S. programme is delivered in a hospital environment and involves

  • A guided tour of the local Accident and Emergency department: Children are taught the principles of emergency life support through practical activities and role-play scenarios.
  • Instruction in First Aid and Injury Minimization wherein children are taught the principles of first aid and injury minimization.

iii) Follow-up by I.M.P.S. when children are provided with follow-up work by the I.M.P.S. team to consolidate and build upon what has been learned.


‘A Safer Tomorrow’ – Documentary on IMPS

To increase awareness on injuries in children the following documentary titled ‘ A Safer Tomorrow’ highlights the problem, its causes and the effects of such injuries. The documentary also emphasizes the surroundings of children of different economic backgrounds within the same country; and how it affects their growth.

We are currently looking for partners, philanthropists and donors to take this programme forward. Please contact us if you think this is a cause you would like to contribute to.

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