For a community to flourish in entirety it is essential to facilitate economic development that goes hand in hand with social and civic betterment. HERD Foundation ensures steps in this direction by maintaining a fine balance of social and economic development. To this end holistic development becomes an area of focal concern to focus on human growth.

Development is then an integral healthy mix nurturing all aspects of life encompassing socio economic, political, educational, environmental, global and civic minded endeavours. We work to empower communities in totality and we do this by supporting inclusive growth with equity and social justice.

In so doing we foster humane aspirations for a civic society by addressing areas like culture, sports and physical environment that are all conjoined entities for us. We do believe that in the final count these are interactive and interdependent extension of our longing for a better world view.

The idea is that such aspects have a discrete space in human development and we need to address them in practical ways for bringing about holistic approaches. HERD Foundationbelieves that people, communities and societies are multi-dimensional and by appreciating these components we respond to the realm of realism.

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