Emergency Care Training And Triage

Triage is to treat patients as per clinical priority. It ensures that in a busy casualty no patient dies for want of immediate attention. This system is well-established in all the emergency departments of the developed countries. Very few hospitals in India however have a system in place that deals with emergencies in an organized manner. When this is compounded by the lack of skills, outdated knowledge and understaffed departments, it often results in preventable deaths and disabilities


Introduction of ‘ Triage’  at the Lata Mangeshkar Hospitals and Optimization of patient care in a setting where there was no streamlined approach to clinical priority. To create an environment where Basic Life support starts from POINT-0, i.e. trained ambulance drivers and continues in a streamlined manner until reviewed by specialists.


A three month long intensive programme to equip the casualty staff with the attitude and skills necessary for emergency management of patients in the casualty departments at Lata Mangeshkar Hospitals, Nagpur


1) Introduction to Triage , Hands-on training on Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, Practical training on medical procedures, equipment and waste handling, Training on communication skills & personal safety and Lectures on Common emergencies and their management2) Creation of a “Triage Scale” catered to local needs.

3) Creation of a Protocol Folder to deal with common emergencies

4) Identifying  key staff with the right attitude and skills to constructively lead emergencies and call them “LECTS”


40 ER personnel were trained staff including doctors. nurses, nursing assistants & ambulance drivers


Dr Suchika Gupta              Dr Meenakshi Girish

Dr Deepak Goel                 Dr Nilofer Mujawar



Dr Hardas             Dr Suresh Chari

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