Madhuribai Deshmukh Awards

Madhuribai Deshmukh was born in a malguzar family and got married at the age of x to Arvindbabu Deshmukh. She supported Arvindbabu’s passion for education and was the backbone of the family while he lived. Arvindbabu adopted 13 children who stayed in his house and Madhuri Bai tended to them along with her own son. After

Arvindbabu died, she took the reins of the family and ensured that her son completed his education and was instrumental in the establishment of his political career. Famously known for being a task master,  she was educated at home by her husband. She was the networker, administrator and supporter for Arvindbabu and his family.

Arvindbabu died at a young age of x and one of his last desires was to not spend money on a 13 th day ceremony but to invest that money in building a hall in his village , This was to set an example for the poor villagers who borrowed in order to celebrate the 13 th death day.

Roopatai Deshmukh took forward this legacy and went on to establish a tailoring school to educate young girls in the village in this hall through which more than 200 girls have now a vocation and livelihood.

Roopatai Dshmukh is the president of Madhurobai Dshmukh SSeva Pratishthan, who’s, Her aim is to provide women the platform to educate and grow themselves and live a life of equality. This school has expanded from Wadwira to Barsingha.

Roopatai was born in a Pawar family in Bombay and at a tender age of 17 was married to Ranjeet Babu Deshmukh and adopted beautifully to a life dedicated the public.

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