HERD Foundation Employment Fair-2015

On January 31, 2015 from 9 am to 5 pm at Pawanbhoomi Grounds, Wardha Road, Nagpur. (For graduates & post graduates only). On February 1, 2015 from 9 am to 5 pm at Mahatma Gandhi College, Parseoni, Nagpur District. (For Uneducated, 10th, 12th, ITI only)

Welcome to HERD Foundation Employment Fair-2015 that brings together diverse range of employer industries/companies which will be present at the fair to hire you. View complete listing of participating organizations mentioned below. Come over and seize a job for yourself. Prepare to meet executives with spruced-up resumes, dressed for success and to network like a pro!


"In the course of our work of past several years we have been concerned about hundreds of distressed youth and their worried parents, waiting to get suitable placement once studies are over. Times are changing and we do not want to see qualified candidates roaming door to door and office to office to get references for securing jobs. We had observed firsthand how families living on daily wages were not able to provide higher education to children. Lack of steady income sources restrains them from conducting simple social obligations like weddings or at times even death rituals! We now see gradual changes in lives through job procurements from the past employment fair that helped secure jobs to bring semblance of financial order in their lives. This extended outreach is at the heart of our efforts in the provision of job opportunities.

We are sure that each of our Employment Fairs' will bring a much awaited smile to the job-seeker, his family...and transform their lives!!!"

Dr Amol R Deshmukh

HERD Foundation Vision for Development:

HERD Foundation's vision for empowering communities rests on four distinct pillars
- Health, Education, Rural uplift and Development, and these are integrated with civic, social and economic approaches.
Education and Development remain the corner stone for initiatives that helped conceptualize our efforts for organizing an event like the Employment Fair.

Our Partners

The Employment Fair supports partner education institutes:

  1. Central Institute of Business Management, Research and Development (MBA College)
  2. Jawaharlal Nehru College, Wadi, Nagpur
  3. Arvind Deshmukh College, Bharsinghi, Narkhed, Nagpur
  4. Mahatma Gandhi College, Parseoni, Nagpur
  5. DEd. and BEd. Colleges in Nandanvan; Pawanbhumi - Wardha Road; Wardhaman Nagar; and Katol

Our Inspiration

The Employment Fair is inspired by the vision of Shri Arvindbabu Deshmukh who in 1960s & 70s motivated countless contemporaries for gainful employment. For enabling this he monetarily supported rural youth to take up farming as an occupation while encouraging others to complete their education for competing with city youth in getting jobs. Taking a cue from his illustrious father, Shri Ranjeetbabu Deshmukh during his political tenure also made livelihoods a top priority for which he brought many industries to Vidarbha for people to get employment. As Founder and Managing Director of HERD Foundation Dr. Amol R. Deshmukh carries the legacy forward by organizing Employment Fairs to create livelihoods opportunities for both urban and rural youth, at par with their education level.

Employment Scenario:

The current wave of economy portends well for the job situation as forecast by experts. We can only assume to follow the scenario being predicted and take advantage of the upsurge. It appears that both government and private sectors are showing an increase in job opportunities. This heralds well for our efforts in organizing the Employment Fair - 2015. As per data provided for graduate/post-graduate colleges from all over the country, direct placements will go up substantially. Innovative and new norms for work opportunities like Flexible Work Timings and Work From Home will create niche job areas for both experienced and fresher’s looking for jobs. The employment scenario for 2015 will improve greatly if these predictions turn out right. It will do well to remember past year’s unemployment rates especially in our vicinity. Maharashtra has a sizeable percentage of registered unemployed candidates, while number of unregistered ones is said to be even higher. Vidarbha itself suffers unemployment and looking at these realties, organizing the Employment Fair 2015 will open opportunities for youth in Nagpur District. HERD Foundation conducts training for being employment-ready, especially for rural youth to be able to match competencies with city counterparts. These training are successful in assisting them and turn out has been good. For more about Training Sessions

Our Advantage:

The philosophy of our organization and the Employment Fair is to:
  1. Ensure availability of 'A' listed companies
  2. Ensure availability of good quality job-seekers
  3. Ensure equal opportunities to rural job-seekers (by pre-preparation)
  4. Ensure well-organized and well-managed fair
  5. Strive for maximum number of job-offers, benefiting the region

Employment Fair 2014 – Big Success!

Last year HERD Foundation organized a hugely successful Job Fair that attracted 10,297 visitors of whom 15911 were registered candidates and 45 ‘A’ listed companies had come to provide jobs offered to 1550 candidates. While 1551 were given offer letters on the spot, nearly 1000 were short listed.
The Employment Fair was open for both urban and rural college students for industry-specific job openings through professionals for reputed companies. The job fair provided an excellent opportunity to both prospective candidates and companies to meet and screen a large volume of potential job candidates.
For college students the job-hunting process provided good prospects for improving applicant’s odds of not being screened out, since they had been trained with regard to presentation and interview techniques. For HERD Foundation it was a matter of deep satisfaction that all the efforts proved so very triumphant in increasing possibilities for young men and women to obtain placements in no time.

Quick Tips for Participating in Job Fair

Walking into a job fair often appears overwhelming. The crowds, queues and being one of the hundreds keen on landing a job can be frightening. With everybody trying to grab recruiter’s attention, there are a few tips that will prove advantageous for being successful.

  • Do your homework by getting all information and also pre-registering. Get the location address, reach on time and carry notebooks, pens and highlighters to note down important points.
  • Arrive early as recruiters are at their best at the beginning of job fairs. Arriving before the event begins will help you see it all. Prepare yourself beforehand for on-the-spot interviews
  • Bring extra copies of your resume in case you see more positions that appeals to you at the job fair. You may bring a dozen extra copies, above what you need for target companies
  • Practice your elevator speech since job fairs attract numerous candidates and to stand out from the crowd and be remembered by recruiters, prepare a 30 second or less pitch for yourself
  • Wear comfortable shoes so that walking around will be easy and you do not project and discomfort on your face. Don a professional look by wearing appropriate shoes
  • Carry drinking water so you do not waste time running around in case you get thirsty. It is much better if you can instantly hydrate yourself at the event without going back and forth
  • Follow up within 48 hours with companies showing interest. If you are not offered a job instantly send thank you e-mails after the event informing of position that interests you.

    Registration Forms are available at our registration centres for Rs. 100 only. These centre are located in Nagpur, Parseoni, Ramtek, Katol, Saoner and many other places in Nagpur District.
    View complete list of registration centres here.

    With over 2500 expected vacancies, more than 30 companies will be coming from all over India to seek appropriate candidates for specified jobs. Jobs would be available for all range of candidates - 10th, 12th, BA, B Com, MA, M Com, BBA, MBA, ITI, etc. Companies expected to participate in the Employment Fair 2015 would include:

    For more info about Job type offered by each company, click here

Our Partners