GIVE OXYGEN, GIVE LIFE To Patients Battling COVID-19

herd foundation

As India grapples with one of the worst-hit pandemics in the history of humankind, it needs superheroes in you to save lives. What can be worse than CoViD-19? – Not getting a chance to be treated and with the pandemic reaching stage three – community spread, this has become the harsh reality. 

With more than 80,000 cases and 1000+ deaths daily in India and more than 20,000 cases and 300+ deaths daily in its worst-hit state, Maharashtra, all CoViD allotted beds are 100% utilised and even worse, all the ventilators in these hospitals, too, are 100% utilised. 

Right now, about 10 people have to wait for one ventilator and many of them are even deprived of treatment and a chance to live. You can give them a chance to live. 

HERD Foundation is sourcing 50 HFOT (High Flow Oxygen Therapy) machines to send it to hospitals across Maharashtra. HFOT Machines are used to give supplemental oxygen therapy immediately to patients with severe COVID and respiratory distress, hypoxaemia or shock.  

Each HFOT Machine costs Rs. 2 lacs approximately. All the donations will go towards sourcing high-quality HFOT machines to be supplied to the hospitals in need in Maharashtra. Your contribution can give a new life to someone.

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