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The IT boom of past few decades coupled with the spate of foreign investments has brought about a sea change in the urban scenario. Unfortunately not much has altered in rural India that still continues to face age-old issues of power shortage, water shortage, lack of infrastructure, caste-system, suppression of women and now increasing unemployment.
HERD Foundation moves ahead relentlessly in this regard to teach rural people to empower themselves by working for their own upliftment and development. Having identified two rural blocks of Parseoni and Ramtek, we began our interactions initially from the first twenty villages. These have literally become our ‘karam bhoomi’ for the initiation of our several programs.
One of the very first things we do to be active on the ground is to create a cadre of young social workers whom we groom along developmental thinking. These people are the first point of contact for the communities for all welfare activities. They are instrumental in reaching out to the people for all manner of community welfare.

HERD Rural Development Program
Our aim is to create sustainable development models that improve the rural scenario. All such initiatives in time are to be handed over and will get adopted by the people to scale up, by dint of their own initiative, involvement and intelligence. What we envisage is development of the village – by the village – for the village.
Developmental work along these lines started off in Parseoni Taluka of Nagpur District, to involve the following processes:

  • Identification of young men and women from selected village who have the ability and interest in village welfare to be known as Village Development Coordinator (VDC)
  • Establishing an association for VDCs and other rural youth to be formed into YuvaConnect, with the aim to take forward and provide local support to the development initiatives facilitated by HERD Foundation.
  • Conduct Leadership Development Training for VDCs and have regular focused group discussions on development requirements for the region.
  • Based on the discussions – ideas are shortlisted, feasible ones are selected and development work is initiated.

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