Our Work

The 2014 Rural Sports Program

HERD Foundation is keen to inspire young rural people, whom we hope to excite about sports education as an essential part of growing up. Sports competitions are a unique opportunity for learning. To help us meet these goals, we are developing a sports outreach program aiming especially the rural youth to be part of this activity. We are planning school and college level sporting competitions – Cricket, Kabbadi and Volley Ball to be put in motion in the next few months. While the Foundation definitely feels the need for the introduction of such programs, we are currently assessing the responses from the field over the next couple of weeks to find out how the youth respond to the operational implementation of the planned event.

Conference On Differenlty -Abled

This initiative organized on 15th December 2013, was to create awareness and discuss the challenges faced by the physically challenged and why they deserve equal status, acceptance and opportunities in society. HERD foundation in association with Anant Vishnu Dhole organized the conference entitled ‘Improving Lives Of Disabled’. Renowned speakers were invited to talk on various subjects like, “Life of Disabled in Foreign Countries and Facilities Provided to Them”, “Women With Disability And The Law”. Many more such issues were taken up in the course of the deliberations.

Madhuribai Deshmukh Herd Foundation Awards For Women

HERD Foundation organized the Madhuribai Deshmukh Awards For Women on October 6, 2013 to recognize and felicitate women actively involved in different spheres. The objective was also to showcase women empowerment as a fact of life. The foundation honoured and felicitated women who have made significant contributions in their field and to society as whole. These awards highlighted women achievers who are leaders, innovators and have brought about changes not only in their own lives but have also inspired humanity in some way. The idea of these awards was to set an example and inspire people to chart out their own course.


For a community to flourish in entirety it is essential to facilitate economic development that goes hand in hand with social and civic betterment. HERD Foundation ensures steps in this direction by maintaining a fine balance of social and economic development. To this end holistic development becomes an area of focal concern to focus on human growth.

Development is then an integral healthy mix nurturing all aspects of life encompassing socio economic, political, educational, environmental, global and civic minded endeavours. We work to empower communities in totality and we do this by supporting inclusive growth with equity and social justice.

In so doing we foster humane aspirations for a civic society by addressing areas like culture, sports and physical environment that are all conjoined entities for us. We do believe that in the final count these are interactive and interdependent extension of our longing for a better world view.

The idea is that such aspects have a discrete space in human development and we need to address them in practical ways for bringing about holistic approaches. HERD Foundationbelieves that people, communities and societies are multi-dimensional and by appreciating these components we respond to the realm of realism.

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