Born in 1942, Shri Arvindbabu Deshmukh remains the fountainhead of inspiration for us. Working initially through Bharat Sewak Samaj for the development and improvement of rural areas, subsequently as a formidable political entity of the congress party, he became involved in development of Vidarbha

Arvindbabu’s belief in the Gandhian philosophy saw his patriotic legacy thriving in the form of educational and social revitalisation of Central India. Not able to formally educate himself he was determined to make education accessible to others. Arvindbabu’s work took the shape of public and charitable trusts that now run Central India’s reputed schools, colleges and healthcare institutions. The trusts are involved in provision of education, healthcare and development of agriculture in Vidarbha. Arvindbabu inherited patriotism from his father, Late Shri. Daulatrao Deshmukh and uncle, Late Shri Manikrao Deshmukh; and was an active participant in India’s freedom struggle from the British Raj. He was married to Smt. Madhuribai who was the woman behind this successful man.

Alongside, this visionary initiated socially productive activities for the region. Organizing the farmer community he became instrumental in assisting them get agricultural loans thereby improving their financial status. He helped set up cooperative financial programmes as also arranged workshops for implementation of advanced technology in agriculture and dairy farming. He was also the pioneer of Journalism in Vidarbha.

Most notable was his contribution as chairman of NOGA (Nagpur Orange Growers Association) whereby he enabled orange growers to pay back crop loans. As President of Central Cooperative Bank he lent financial support to agriculturists and was involved in the creation of Land Development Bank, Federations, Cotton Spinning Association and other such organizations supportive of farmers.

Successive generations continue to share his penchant for social reform and development. Having imbibed the outlook resulted in creation of public and charitable trusts operating in Central India in the form of reputed schools, colleges, healthcare institutions, agriculture extension and development bodies. Arvindbabu paved the way for social work for which he is gratefully remembered to this day.


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