6 Core Values

HERD has 6 key Core Values that are also functions its stakeholders have to fulfil. These form the pillars of the NGO



We work to empower people to contribute towards the development of sustainable communities through an integrated and collaborative approach. We set high quality standards and work by example to cultivate and maintain quality and transparency.


Locally Relevant

We take steps to ensure all our initiatives are founded on the principles of need, efficiency and effectiveness. We hand-pick issues that are need-based, that people relate to and want to be enthusiastically involved with. We believe in availability of global learning but endeavour to apply it to local settings to achieve locally relevant models for valid, long-standing and tangible outcomes.


Effective Working

We believe leadership starts at home; HERD Foundation enables a working environment where people can create, flourish and work with each other as seamlessly as the machinery of a Swiss watch! We create effective working, a prerequisite for effectiveness, teams that are facilitated to engage in decision-making. Thus an empowered team takes on tasks and responsibilities that get implemented more effectively to ensure that H.E.R.D. Foundation stands tall.



Our multi-dimensional approach has us delivering beyond expectation. The far reaching vision that makes us function at several levels allows us to take on tasks related to strategic planning, outreach, public relations, proposal writing, volunteer management, project management, reporting, fundraising, training and consulting This kind multi-tasking aids learning and ensures capabilities are fully utilised.



Learning is an on-going process within H.E.R.D. Foundation for everyone. Extending every opportunity for individual and group learning processes the Foundation remains a hotbed for learning. With a firm belief in constant generation of new ideas, information and innovations it provides opportunities for potential impact. Facilitation of exchange of ideas, information and innovations leads to cross community and cross functional learning that benefits the purpose.



Embracing the adage ‘Change is the Only Constant” H.E.R.D. Foundation believes in keeping up with the needs of the hour and ensuring that change is being effectively managed. We also ensure that we consistently learn from the past, apply such learning to present situations and have the foresight to manage information adeptly for future goals.

Our Partners