Monsoon Health Camps:
Series of medical health camps in villages of Ramtek and Parseoni Taluka spread over next three months.
Sports Tournaments:
Volleyball, Kabaddi, Athletics & Cricket Tournaments in Parseoni & Ramtek Taluka in July & August.


Dr. Amol Deshmukh’s Speech

HERD FOUNDATION Women’s Awards 2013

Welcome to HERD Foundation

HERD Foundation works towards addressing prevailing social inadequacies with the resolve to steer with vision, dedication and determination; our intent is to empower society at all levels for the common good. Moving away from the concept of charity that no longer appears viable in the long run; the Foundation goes beyond this self-defeating approach. We see social entrepreneurship as the next logical step in creatinga societal resurgence that we are keen to see spiraling

Health Education Rural Development – HERD Foundation was conceptualized and established in 2006 to address today’s social problems; with the aim to trigger development of communities in urban, semi-urban and rural India to become self-sufficient and sustainable

With priorities changing from a crying need for e.g. basic school education, our focus is on employable education. Quality Healthcare is a reality in India, but not for all; HERD Foundation is working towards creating a platform where access to transparent and quality healthcare can become a reality for those who do not have access to it. With the right objectives, and impetus to act, we can see an agricultural revolution happen again, just like the earlier Green Revolution or the White one or the IT Revolution. Marrying opportunities with farmers and rural artisanship is how we are creating a win-win situation. Youth development remains a focal area for our interventions and we foresee huge potential in transforming this segment. The plan is to create a motivated cadre of workers who will be tutored to expend their energies in a focused manner on core areas of planned interventions

An active plan is to build a network of eco-communities, with a focus on four core areas to fuel change and ‘make development viral’; Employable Education, Quality Healthcare, Rural Upliftment and Social, Civic and Economic Development

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